Covid-19 Holiday

Why travelling during a pandemic is a good idea…

  1. There’s less people.
  2. People respect your personal space.
  3. Some aspects are cheaper.
  4. Destinations are quieter.
  5. Merely for the thrill.

So, travelling during a pandemic?! Well, yes your good sis did 🤭

Would I do it again? (For Wakanda) without a question! Sorry, let me refocus…

At the beginning of lockdown we all watched in disbelief as flights and plans got cancelled. We really thought it’d all be over by May (banter).

So at home I stayed. 

Started Insanity – didn’t complete it

Logged on to Zoom quizzes – this was short lived.

Houseparty – happy to see it disappeared as quickly as it resurfaced

I didn’t attempt to bake – luckily

And I still haven’t forgiven you guys for how you acted about toilet paper 😑

It was countless hours of staring at a computer screen whether it was for Netflix or work. *Alexa play Big White Room by Jessie J*. I was going crazy and I needed out. 

So as lockdown restrictions lifted and refunds started coming through, I was itching to get something booked. My requirements were simple: I needed sun, heat and a beach (kill mi pan a beach!) – with sand. After spinning my magic wheel the dial landed on Dubai. Despite being a champion of not returning to destinations in haste, regardless of how much I enjoyed them – I booked my flight.

The journey to the airport was similar to many I had taken before but I wasn’t prepared for how eerily quiet Heathrow would be. It looked like a ghost town. On arrival at the departure terminal, your temperature is taken and there is antibacterial galore – to wipe down trolleys, your hands etc etc.

The key to travelling during this time is checking government guidelines; is a staple for me when traveling in ‘normal’ times so this wasn’t too far off from my norm. For most destinations you need to test negatively for Covid by a PCR test in and around 4 days before your flights departure – make sure you have this negative result printed out, they’ll ask you for it at the check-in desk.

Once on the flight you will need to keep your face mask on – ideal? No, but a small price to pay to keep others and yourself as safe as possible. On arrival in Dubai, I was greeted with 38 degrees Celsius. Just what the doctor ordered! Masks have to be worn in all public areas (except for beach clubs and restaurants) and your temperature is taken everywhere. Hand sanitiser is given like clockwork and all these procedures although relatively foreign; felt like something that I had been doing for ages.

Top Tips for a COVID trip:

1. Check your country’s travel corridor list/countries that do not require a quarantine on return. Although it seems like everyone is running on pure vibes – I promise there are rules in place.

2. Start searching for flights and hotel. There are so many deals at the moment to encourage people to travel – make the most of it.

3. Book directly with the airline. In the case your trip needs to be postponed or changed; airlines are offering flexible terms even on their cheapest classes.

4. Be savvy! Make use of any hotel loyalty programs you are signed up to. Use those points you have collected.

5. Check, double-check, triple-check! Ensure you have the correct travel insurance and COVID requirements. If in doubt check your destinations government page, check the airlines website – the information is all there it may just be tedious to find it.

6. Enjoy your time away. Don’t overload yourself with activities (if you find many open). It’s been a tough couple of months – you deserve it.

We’ve got a highlight over on @trippinwithsj for some other things to bear in mind if you plan to travel during this time. 

How do you feel about travelling right now? Let us know your thoughts 💭 

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