What to pack…

Going on holiday to a foreign climate – the question what do you pack arises?

Nigeria is south of the equator and stays pretty hot year round, so light clothing is advisable. You will be in an air-conditioned environment a lot of the time so don’t forget to bring some cardigans.

We’ve listed some suggestions on things you shouldn’t forget to take with you.

Insect repellent
It’s a tropical climate so this is a must.
Malaria tablets
There is a risk of Malaria so ask your GP for advice on what type of precautions to take.
Do not be fooled, SPF should be part of your daily regime anyway, so…
Familiar snacks
Being in a foreign country it can take some time for your guts to adjust to the new food and water.
Power bank
You’ll be out for long days so it just makes sense.
Ear plugs
It can be loud with power generators on, so if you’re a light sleeper – do the needful.

What do you usually pack on holiday? What else would you add to this list?

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