Visiting Athens in February was my first solo trip, with all play and no business (aside from an assignment I had to do).

I had booked the 5 day trip just under a month in advance in January, but ended up spending the first two days completing said assignment for uni. The change of pace and scenery was very welcome. Fruity cocktails with a view of the acropolis? Sounds like a bit of me…



I flew direct with BA from London Heathrow and the flight was around 3 1/2 hours. BA are being super flexible because of the pandemic and the constantly changing rules (Boo Boris! Boo Miss ‘Rona!) so you can book now and change your flight at no additional cost unless the dates you want to fly are more expensive! 

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I used Uber in Athens to get to my hotel which was located in the city centre and it set me back just under €40, which is not bad for an airport transfer. The metro system is pretty easy to navigate and next time I’ll consider using it – it only about 45 minutes. If you’re good at navigating public transport and want to save your coin for more exciting things you can also use the metro to get to Acropolis station at the grand price of €8 (or €14 for two people). 




I stayed at two different hotels because I like to switch up the vibes. 

The first was Athenaeum Eridanus Luxury Hotels (£84 for 2 nights with breakfast included). It’s a 10 minute walk away from the M3 metro which goes straight to the airport.

The room was perfect for one, with a double bed and cute little bathroom. 

I spent my first two days here in their restaurant/bar completing my health econ assignment, accompanied by a glass of white, spag bol and the most splendid view of the Acropolis.

The staff here were A1 👌🏾 I fully recommend, for downtime with some comfort at an affordable price ✅

The second hotel/apartment was Pame House.

Recommend for: Being close to the hustle and bustle of the city centre and night life, major tourist attractions and the flea market

For the breakfast offered with your stay, you are given a voucher to redeem at a breakfast joint a 2 minute walk from the hotel which plays chilled R&B – vibes. 

Most rooms have a balcony and luckily my room was no exception. Here’s some action that started popping off on one evening.  

Hotel option if you’re ballin on a budget: £ Athenaeum Smart Hotel – @ £103 for 3 nights for two sharing that works out to £51.5pp. I know you’ve spent more @ Zara sis so don’t play yourself. 😅

And for my luxury living crew: £££ Elia Ermou Athens Hotel – @ £450 for 3 nights for two sharing; you’re spending a pretty penny but I promise the experience is worth it, just check out the views 😍

(Visit Little Kook; an amazing themed cafe you never know what you’ll find.)

Hurry back for my insider tips on where to eat and what to do as a tourist in Athens.

J x

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