Covid Friendly Ideas

The English weather took a dramatic turn for wet, cold and windy 🌬 *collective sigh

Howeverrrr, we encourage you to not let the cold weather deter you from catching some fun 🤩. Grab your rain coat, some boots and scroll for some inspiration. 

1️⃣ Visit one of the many monasteries 🏚 Monasteries are up and down the U.K.  These structures were closed down years ago so Henry VIII could start the Church of England and sell them for parts, their former glory consists of them being decorated with precious gems and materials. Work your imagination and try to picture them as they formerly were. 

➡️ To see a full list of locations visit: Monasteries and Abbeys | English Heritage

2️⃣ Seven Sisters ⛰ are a series of chalk cliffs by the English Channel. They are a good location for bird watching, long walks, dog-walking and cycling to name a few things. Due to Covid restrictions their visitor centre is closed and there is also no access to public toilets. So bear this in mind when you plan your visit. 

➡️ To get some more information visit:

3️⃣ National History Museum 🦖  The main attraction here is the free! We’re lucky enough to have a host of museums that cost nothing to visit. There are social distancing measures in place, so grab your friends, family or partner and make a day of it. For a full list of the happenings:

➡️ if you prefer being at one with nature, why not visit the Horniman Museum located in South-East London.

4️⃣ Richmond Park 🌳 We didn’t know you could get so up close and personal with deer so close to the city, one of our instafam @tolasadventures put us on! This will be messy, as it is always raining but just get your wellies on and make a day of it.

➡️ For more information:

5️⃣ Visit ‘Gods own junkyard’ 🏌🏾‍♀️ The ‘Oldest signmakers in London’, this may prove to be sensory overload but if you are willing this looks like a nice stop and rather off the beaten-track.

➡️ Get some more information on:

6️⃣ A walking 🚶🏾‍♀️ tour. We love a good walk and it’s nice to see your city at a slower pace than you usually would. London in particular has so many hidden nooks and crannies as its so old, follow the grim steps of Jack the Ripper’s sprees. Make your way to the dungeons of days past or follow in Harry’s steps as he made his way to Hogwarts.

➡️ Give it a Googs, so many options pop up!

7️⃣ Visit a Palace 🏰 Hampton Court Palace. Buckingham Palace. Kensington Palace. Windsor Castle. Kew Palace. Blenheim Palace. Do you get where we’re going with this? lol. There are numerous choices; get some photo ops and some fresh air.


8️⃣ Have afternoon tea ☕️ Pinkies in the air please! Scones. Clotted Cream. Jam. Tea. Very British and that’s on being multi-faceted. 

➡️ Check Groupon for deals on afternoon tea, grab your crew or go alone, and kick back.

9️⃣ Try a new restaurant 🍽 Luckily for us, just like Chip never running out of bars – London doesn’t run out of food options.  Some places we love and highly recommend are:

  • Chuku’s
  • Fat Crab
  • Enish
  • Banana Tree
  • The Breakfast Club

➡️ The options are actually endless, check OpenTable for honest reviews and get booking!

Please check the current covid guidelines and stay safe friends ❤️🥰

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