Santorini Flying Dress

The flying dress bug is very recent to Santorini, but if I was going I had to make sure it was something I did!

Santorini as an island is rather windy, and with its whitewashed buildings – it just makes it the perfect place to take some pictures.

There are so many options for booking this experience and I actually found my photographer and dress hire on Instagram. I would recommend searching through the hashtag and checking it against the reviews on their websites. I had an amazing shoot with Ana and I would definitely recommend her. There are a range of packages, some photographers charge extra for the assistant that throws the dress and many also include a makeup service to make the experience truly memorable.

There is no photoshop involved, aside from brightening up and smoothing out blemishes. The dresses dance as the wind blows through the crevices of the island – this is why you need someone to throw the dress for you!

If you are going as a group, it is even more cost efficient as you can split the cost of the photographers time AND a selection of dresses. The dresses are designed in a way that they fit a range of sizes.

If you want to see the dress in motion head over to my IG to have a look.

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