New York

With the news of a travel corridor between New York and London flying around the internet scape, we may as well give you some top tips for exploring the Big Apple like a true New Yorker! 

Top tips for enjoying NYC like a local: 

  • Speed up!

Similarly to Londoners, New Yorkers hateeeee slow walkers. Don’t walk at snails pace, taking in all the tall buildings and billboards. Find a space and keep it moving. 

  1. Look, Look, Cross

Don’t wait for the traffic light to stop flashing. Newsflash – it won’t. When the green man is flashing, take a calculated look and cross the road. 

  • Change shoes, then pose

Wear comfortable shoes or bring a pair to change into. You’ll do a lot of walking around the city, so it just makes sense. (If you don’t have a pair handy, there are many discount stores you can grab some on the cheap from.)

  • Public transport

Get the subway or walk. Don’t rely on yellow taxis or Uber, you’ll get stuck in traffic and lose a heap of time. We recommend getting your yellow taxi 🚕 fix at night, when the roads are quieter. 

  • Stop for a treat

Get an amazing Belgian waffle 🧇 from a stall on 35th & 6th 🥺😍 you won’t regret it. 

  • Don’t stay in Manhattan

Don’t stay in Manhattan. Yes, Gossip Girl. Yes, Sex and the city. But no to the inflated cost! Stay in Queens, Brooklyn or Williamsburg. 

  • walk the bridge

Walk across the iconic Brooklyn Bridge. Plenty of photo opportunities and a way to add some calm to your time in the busy city. 

  • visit central park

Take a walk around Central Park. So many of your favourite movies, series even music videos have had cameos here.  

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