So Iceland is open 🤩 their main focus is getting people to explore some of the less popular parts of the country. This won’t be an issue because Iceland is hugeee, so please be prepared for long days on the road whether you drive or follow a group around. 

On my trip to Iceland, I chose to explore the Southeastern part of the Golden Circle. Doing Reykjavik > Hella > Hofn > Reykjavik; the total trip lasted 6 days and consisted of roughly 5 hours of driving on a few days in between destination.

So load up the playlist, podcast and snacks! If you want to do this trip, you’re going to need it all. 

Getting to Iceland 🇮🇸 

Icelandair have sales regularly and they offer a great service. As always check Skyscanner for your dates to see if there is anyone flying cheaper. 

Accommodation 🏨 and airbnb are the plugs. Once you’re sure on the route you’d like to explore, you need to pinpoint reasonable stops in between your sightseeing so you can rest and recharge. 

Getting around 🚘 

If you can drive I’d recommend hiring a car and driving, it’s another expense but does aid your enjoyment of the trip. You’re on your own timetable and can social distance to your hearts desire! 

Top tips: 

  • Buy snacks and drinks beforehand!!! (Iceland is expensive; btw this will be a running theme)
  • Beware of the wind! There are countless horror stories of the Icelandic wind blowing car doors the wrong way and making the trip MUCH more expensive. So please hold onto the door 🥺
  • N1 & Bonus offer free toilets 🚽 on the Ring Road route, all other toilets charge.
  • Layers, layers, layers – layer up as it’s cold

In the spirit of keeping this post short and sweet, I’ll stop here and be back soon with some of the best places to eat and explore 😍😌

For a taste of what’s to come, check out our highlight.

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