Icelandic bites

So, the food is expensive – yes. But IT. IS. WORTH. IT. 🤤 

Whether it’s at the petrol station stop or the high end restaurant – the Icelandic quality of food is UNMATCHED.

And for all of you non-tap water drinkers, just bring your water bottle and be amazed. Wow, I never thought I would miss tap water.

Here are my top places to grab a bite to eat:

Braud & Co. do the most amazing baked goods 😍 wow, their cinnamon rolls are just divine. You can usually wait for a fresh batch to be made, if your visit is timed right. I ended up buying two for later. They were just that good!

Rok – if you’re in Reykjavik and need a bite to eat after seeing the church, this is the place to come. I opted for seafood and it didn’t disappoint. The bread too! *chefs kiss*

Lava @ Blue Lagoon – depending on which package you book, it will include a reservation for a meal and complimentary wine 🍷 *clink clink*. Again with the flavours 😍 I ordered the langoustine soup as a starter and personally the taste was slightly overpowering – so I wouldn’t recommend. For a main, I opted for the lamb 😍 and it ticked all the boxes.

Perlan – The Pearl; other than being a great observation deck for the Northern Lights. This is a great spot for food. Seafood soup – slapped! Steak in red wine jus – slapped! Creme brûlée 😍 – you get where this is going 😋 it has a really cute vibe and they were playing Sade as we walked in. I mean talk about good vibes 😂

The CooCoo’s nest – is a cosy restaurant, with blankets and fur all over to make you feel like you’re in a nest I guess. It’s a no reservation and more of you turning up and hoping the wait isn’t too long to be sat down. The breakfast options here are insane; the portions are generous, the flavours and it all tastes so fresh 👅

Wherever you decide to eat in Iceland, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. It’s pricey at most places, but I really think it’s worth it. The quality is top tier.

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