This is the point you’ll probably start your trip. Flying into Cancun International, the airport is pretty easy to navigate and if you have or haven’t booked car hire it is easy enough to find your pick-up or hire a car.

The flight from London to Cancun is just under 11 hours, so I think you want to keep it simple. Pre-book your arrival plans.

The main area to stay in is called ‘Zona Hotelera’ which just means hotel zone, this is where all the main tourist attractions are located. Cancun offers you the perfect stop if you are looking to chill, eat, drink and drink some more.

Getting around Cancun can be cheap too! Get the bus (85p a ride); it’ll take you to all your desired locations and they run on a regular schedule.

If you are after more, I would recommend visiting Holbox and Isla Mujeres. They are two beautiful locations that are easily accessible from Cancun.

Things to do:

Take a touristy picture (if you don’t it obviously didn’t happen)

Chill on the beach

Grab a bite to eat, one thing you won’t run out of is options.

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