Mexico 101

This is by no means a conclusive post that includes everything you need to know before tripping’ but it will list some things that we think will be useful to know before going.

Staying connected:

  • Telcel data sim – £7 for 1GB, unlimited social media usage. They are the strongest data provider in Mexico, so don’t bother with any other network. You will need to activate the SIM card so I wouldn’t bother buying one at the airport, wait until you’re closer to your hotel and find a Telcel store/outlet.
  • Download Google Maps when you are connected to the internet. You can access Google Maps offline, so getting around is so much easier.
  • Most restaurants have WiFi, like most places you’d visit. So there’s an opportunity to preserve your data.

Getting around:

  • Hire a car – car hire is really cost effective in Mexico. The majority of the roads follow a straight route, so it’s a really easy drive. (£50 for a week inclusive of standard insurance)
  • ADO buses – if you are not a driver or a confident driver, the ADO bus system is the perfect option. The buses are air conditioned and amazing value for money.
  • Hire a driver – the hotel you are staying with may know someone willing to be your driver for your time, or if you meet a taxi driver and build a rapport they may be willing.
  • Learn basic phrases – don’t be that person only trying to speak English and not at least trying. Just don’t please.


  • If you have a travel money card or Monzo – great! Just withdraw your money in destination.
  • If you have cash, avoid changing all your money at the airport – the rate is never the best.
  • Remember: to change money at the forex, you’ll need to take your passport with you.


  • You only get VAT back at the airport for luxury items bought at the airport, don’t get sucked in by the market vendors who tell you you’ll get it back. Just haggle for a lower price.
  • Find a supermarket if you have a sensitive stomach, the food is heavy on meat and it’s worth having some fruit on hand in case you want something different.

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