Lovina Sunrise with Dolphins

  • This one involves an early start to be by the harbour for 500am, which meant a 300am wakeup time! Eek! You can marvel at the majestic dolphins as they swim by your boat. Not one to be missed.

Mount Batur

  • I don’t know about Sarah, but this was definitely the highlight of my trip! I’m not a crazy outdoor person and Sarah isn’t either, but we both love exploring and challenging ourselves. This one is another early wake up time of 2am, to give enough time to drive to drive to our start location. The trek up the mountain isn’t plain sailing, it was very rocky and tumultuous and emotionally draining, especially if you’re not that used to hiking, but the views! The views from the top when you reach are so rewarding and awe inspiring. The difficulty level is easy to moderate and the summit is about 1.717m above sea level.
  • Top tip! WEAR WARM CLOTHES! Pack a backpack with snacks and a flask for a hot drink. Bali is very warm during the day, but being that high up in the dead of night with only torches to guide you…not the one.
  • You can also hire some blankets from the locals and there are hot drinks to buy at the top too.

Alas Harum

  • Opening times: 0900am-1800pm
  • Entry Fee: Price dependant on how many activities you want to complete. To do ALL the activities you’d likely need around 1,00000 IDR. (£50) and this will get you some pictures too, but you can pay for each activity separately.
  • Rope swings. Jungle views. Coffee experiences and monkeys! Sounds like an adventure to me!
  • I’m assuming you guys have seen the pictures and videos of the popular Bali swing on the ‘gram. Alas Harum is one of the many spots that have incorporated features of the popular tourist destination into its parks. There are photo spots scattered all around the landscape, birds nests, temples and glass flooring, for you to make the most ofyour photography skills.
  • Whilst you’re there you can also try out the famous luwak coffee (which consists of digested coffee cherries that have been defecated by the Asian palm civet – it looks like a tiny raccoon)

Git Git Waterfall

  • Entry: FREE
  • Opening times: 24 hours
  • This waterfall is well off the beaten track and Sarah and I found ourselves here alone, experiencing the beauty of this waterfall, which is about 10 minutes from Ulu Danu Temple, so would be great to do together!

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