Floating breakfast by the pool

Entry Price: From 975,000 IDR (per couple)

Opening time: 0700-1100am

Sarah and I decided we wanted a cute relaxing morning at Kamandalu Ubud, it was 10 minutes away from where stayed and they organised a driver for us included in the price.

It’s a 5* hotel that captures the essence of a real-life Balinese village and you don’t need to stay at the hotel to take advantage of all the luxuries on offer such as the spa, picnic lunch on a boat and tapas nights. Ngl, if you’re coming with bae and ya’ll got gwop to spend, I would opt to spend a night or two in one of the chalets or villas overlooking the valley or pool.

The floating breakfast cost us around £35pp and included prosecco, juice, water, and featured a continental style selection of foods, which encompassed waffles and fruits and cereal.

The view by the pool was serene and the earlier the time slot you decide to choose the less chance you have of being interrupted by other guests. We were the first to arrive and there were only 3 other people who came after us. They give you a time slot of around 1-2 hours to complete your breakfast and then you can traverse the grounds an explore the scenic views on offer.

Hand of God

Entry Price: Free (but patronise the café by buying a drink or food)

Opening hours for café: 0700am-1800pm

On our way back from our Mount Batur Sunrise Hike we stooped off at a quaint little hotel called caldera in the Kintamani region. The hotel serves a lush coffee at its restaurant and additionally has an amazing structure of two hands placed together known as the hand of God. An amazing phot opportunity if you’re not scared of heights and you’ll be able to see the most gorgeous view of the mountains if the sky isn’t too overcast.

Wanagiri Hidden Hills

Entry Price: 50,000 IDR

Opening hours: 0630am-1900pm

Wana comes from the word Forest, whilst Gill means Hidden. We visited this deliciously scenic gem after our trip to see the dolphins.

The scenery was created by locals to imitate the Bali swing and has now become a mainstay for travellers wishing to revel in the beauty of the area.

You can haggle to get the entry fee own, but its usually around 50000 IDR (£2.50) and the locals will often help you to capture your dream photo!

Bali Handara Golf Gate

Entry Price: Free

Opening hours: Anytime, but best during morning to avoid crowds

This popular attraction is actually a golf course and resort. The gate symbolises the entrance from the outer world to the temple and plays an important role in Balinese and Hindu culture.

The gate is surrounded by a lush field of green, mountains, lakes and the equatorial rainforest. This is a great spot to visit if you want to make the most of your day, after Hidden Hills are they are nearby one another.

Definitely be prepared for the prospect of large crowds here too and having to wait your turn to get your picture.

Top tip!  If you want to get a picture that looks like you’re standing on water at the gate, place your phone under the camera so it reflects and looks like water!

Ulun Danu Beratan Temple

Entry price: 50,000 IDR (Car/motorbike parking 5000/2000 IDR)

Opening hours: 0700am-1900pm (Saturdays from 500am)

From Seminyak its about 2.5 hours to reach the temple and from Ubud around 1.5.

Hindu is the main religion practiced in Bali and if you wanted to visit this beautiful temple it is one of the more popular ones because it floats on the lake.

We had lunch here and made use of the toilet facilities.

Whilst you’re there take the time to soak up the scenery and the beautiful grounds. Fishing is popular on the lakes edges so if you fancy your hand at that you can rent some gear and have a blast on the lake.

Nusa Penida

Nusa Penida is a small island off to the Southeast of Bali. You can access it via car or motorbike but will likely need a ferry to cross to the island as we did. When visiting Nusa Penida, be sure to check out these picturesque locations and all the remote location has to offer. To ensure you make the most of your time on the island its best to start your day early. We got to the ferry for around 700am.

Keliking Beach – The view from the cliff has been likened to T-Rex and offers jaw dropping views of the ocean

Paluang Cliff – Another cliff point on the west side of Nusa Penida offering different angles and viewpoints

Angel Billabong – Referred to lovingly by locals as the angel’s bath, be sure to bring a swimsuit and you can take a swim in the lake here or at crystal bay

Broken Beach – As legend has it many years ago the land was covered in soil and one day villagers happened across a cow with no owner. They slaughtered the cow and shared it around. A dusty old man appeared hours later and asked for the cow. All of the villagers denied having seen the cow and so the old man plunged a stick into the ground and asked all of the villagers one by one to try and remove it if they were telling the truth. None of them could and so the old man cursed the villagers and caused an earthquake by removing the stick from the ground, resulting in the glorious structure that remains.

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