The island of the gods

From Bali’s majestic mountains to the enthralling coastlines, the predominantly Hindu culture is hard to miss. The stunning architecture and myriad of temples encapsulates the spiritual vibe given off by the island, minus the hubbub we as tourists bring.

Seminyak is more of a boujie beach resort area in the south of Bali, with exclusive hotels, villas, and beach clubs abounding, whilst Ubud is typically a bit quieter and has a bit more culture to soak up, but both areas offer great restaurant options and nightlife.

Navigating the island

Sarah and I managed to hire the services of an amazing private tour guide who took us around in his car when we highlighted to him all the spots we’d love to visit. Whilst it’s not necessary to hire a private driver, it does make your life easier.

Many people navigate the island using bluebird taxis, the grab app or motorbikes which you can hire.

Some other places Sarah and I visited:

Sky Garden- Its rated 59th in the top 100 clubs in the world and offers different rooms with a different vibe ranging from eclectic sounds to R&B and house. Entry is cheap and free (can’t remember how much, sorry!) and includes two drinks free depending which night you go on!

Shisha Café – There are a few around, and they usually give off the Mediterranean vibe with amazing shisha flavours, be sure to check one out!

Calma Spa – There are no shortages of massage parlours in Bali, but we were recommended Calma spa by our tour guide and I kid you not! Whew, it was legit, everything my body needed to relax and destress! Check out our Instagram for some pictures.

Tattoo Shop – Sarah and I are no strangers to getting tatted abroad. I’m a bit of a wild card and Sarah convinced me to get my first one in. Phuket, Thailand. This time around, I didn’t need much convincing. We happened on a tattoo shop and did some research about the owners and tattoo artists ensuring they were reputable. He had even won some awards in Australia, so we thought…why not!

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