About Us
Sarah (left) & Jemimah (right)

‘Trippin’ with SJ’ is for our love of adventure and sharing our experiences with others.

Trippin’ with SJ is made up of Sarah and Jemimah. We are best friends, and we’ve been taking each other on wild adventures long before we started internationally travelling! We are British-Nigerian Londoners and as you might have guessed – travelling is our thing (see us inna real life here).

Sarah works in Education and Jemimah works in Healthcare and (until we strike oil and/or gold in our back gardens) we want to show you how it is possible to explore this amazing world whatever your budget.

We are drawn to obscure and popular destinations alike. We love to immerse ourselves in nature [Khao Sak National Park in Thailand] as well as experiencing a bustling city [New York City].

a picture of Sarah and Jemimah looking at a picture of themselves on the Great Wall of China.

The world is truly full of magical places and they are all waiting to be discovered. Travelling has taught us to be open minded and independent; along with the importance of absorbing and being respectful of all the cultures we encounter. We started our blog in order to provide free travel guides, show Black faces enjoying travel and share our tips along with our tales. We’ll be open about any mistakes we may have made along the way 😅, with the hope that we teach you how to avoid them.

If you haven’t had enough of us yet, you can find out a bit more about J here and Sarah here!

We hope this site gives you some inspiration to go and start trippin’ too.

If you’d like to get in touch, you can head over to the contact page and drop us a line and to keep up with us in real life head over to our ig @trippinwithsj

Love and light, SJ xx

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