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Papa del Casa, Benin

Jemimah Lola

Hey there! I’m the J from Trippin’ with SJ!

So you want to know more about me? Well that’s cool, I’m feeling good today, so we can spill a little tea.

I’m a jack of all trades really lol, but for my passion, I would say I’m a part time baby girl living her best life whenever and wherever I can lol #softlife 🧖🏽‍♀️💅🏽.

In my other lives, I was/am a qualified radiographer (I use my x-ray vision to take pictures of people) 💀.

I am also a management consultant working in healthcare.

I am a pole fitness instructor 🤸🏽‍♀️

And the reason that brought you here; I am an avid traveller and blogger. As of February 2022, I have visited 25 countries, with the goal of reaching #30before30! (Not long left now 😱)

I have travelled not only with Sarah to various countries, but also with other friends and alone and I have many different experiences in these countries.

I would definitely say my style of travel is affordable luxury. I won’t lie, I’ve never stayed in a hostel, although, I would love to experience it as I feel like they are an invaluable way of meeting other people, especially when solo travelling.

But one of the things I enjoy most about travelling is meeting new people, exploring different cultures and foods and also shared experiences.

I really want to travel the world and I would love to immerse myself in a country, by living there one day, not just for a month, but at least 6. I believe that there’s so much self exploration you can gain by jumping out of your comfort zone.

You can find out more about me by hitting one of the social media links below and also checking out some of the blogs that I have written!

Don’t hesitate to hit up the contact us button to get in contact with us about booking a trip or building an itinerary for you amongst other things. If you have any general travel questions or want advice, ask away.

Hope you enjoy the blog & I’m really happy you visited today.

Thank you,


Jemimah 💕

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